seo package

SEO Package with Social Media Marketing (30 Days Campaign)

12,000.00 7,000.00

  • 30 Articles Writing of 400 Words
  • 30 High Authority Links
  • 30 Days Facebook Marketing
  • 30 Images + Texts Creation
  • 30 Days SMO + SEO Working

At the starting of this year, “Mr. Right” came to us to know about best seo package which can provide higher ranking and good traffic. He wanted to generate some leads without any negative link building. I suggested him that everyday 1 Link building can boost traffic and ranking. Link should be from authority website and content should be informational. No need of 100s of links per day, it can give adverse effect.

And daily social media marketing with new image and information texts can improve branding and traffic. People will know you and also it improves natural link building. He was convinced by us, he tried us for 2-3 months and got 20%-30% improvement in traffic, and ranking is higher than previous.

I ensure you this is the latest and best SEO package for your website.

SEO Package

What you will get from this service?

  • 30 Unique Articles Writing of 400-500 Words (Everyday 1 Article)
  • 30 High Authority Link Creation on Information Article (Everyday 1 Link Building)
  • Second Tier Link Building of 30 First Tier Links
  • 30 eye-catching Image Creation (Everyday 1 Image)
  • 30 text writing for social media of 50 words (Everyday 1 text writing)
  • 30 Posting on Facebook and relevant groups (Everyday 1 posting + 4-5 Group Postings)
  • 25000 Reaches (Everyday 800-1000 reaches)


  1. 30 Unique informational Articles (No Spun Article, Handwritten informational article)
  2. 30 Live Links
  3. 30 FB Posts Links
  4. 25000 Reaches



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