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Yoga for Writers
Yoga for Writers

Being a writer, you have to always think out of the box.

Here, Yoga helps you to come up with creative ideas and it helps you to think out of the box.

First, understand what is Yoga?

In Hindi, Yog means “जुड़ना” or plus to your deep conscious mind. Here, If I use the term “Meditation” that will be better.

Both the meaning is the same, but only one difference. With Yoga, you are doing lots of physical activity whereas, in Meditation, you have to do the mental activity.

Remember, mental activity also performs the same results as Yoga.

Example – If you run in your mind, your body will start sweating, your heartbeat will increase automatically.

Physically activity is done in Yoga to connect you with your body whereas you can directly connect with your body through the mind.

Now, let’s see…

Procedure for Writer’s Yoga

  1. Close your eyes for 2-3 minutes or as long as you can.
  2. Scan your whole body in mind, and say you are healthy. In Hindi say “मैं स्वस्थ हूँ”|
  3. Repeat it many times. It will inform your Subconscious mind to keep you healthy.
  4. Now, think of the topic which you are writing.
  5. Take out the loops and holes, try to think out of the box.
  6. Remember, information is taken from outside and wisdom comes from the inner side.

Try this, you will feel amazing. If you like the content, please comment to me.

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