#1273 – Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci’ – Solved1 min read

Are you changing your Web Hosting Server?

Are you facing this problem while importing your database to another hosting?

Are you seeing this error?

Reason for this error

If your new server is running on Old MySQL 5.5 

And Old server is running on Above MySQL 5.6 server

You may get this error. 
I am giving you two solutions for the same, you may try any of these. 

Solution 1

Download the Old MySQL database and change this instance 




Upload directly to MySQL 

Solution 2

The solution to this errorĀ 

Step 1 – First export the database 

Step 2 – Click on Custom 

Step 3 – Then select the output compatibility with MYSQL40

Step 4 – Download the SQL file 

Step 5 – Import it to new Hosting Database. 

If you get a solution to this problem, please comment me, and if you are getting additional errors, write in the comment box.

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