E commerce Marketing 2019 – 10 Digital Marketing Steps to Increase Sales2 min read


Only making ecommerce website is not enough to get sales. You need to work on it. I am sharing you 10 digital ecommerce marketing steps to increase sales.

Answer these questions –

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. What is your customer location?
  3. What device your customer uses?

10 Digital Marketing Steps 2018

Step 1 – ON Page SEO – Do On-Page optimization for each page individually. You should find one high traffic keyword as your main keyword. Use the main keyword in Meta title, Meta description, and Meta keywords. Use a keyword in the first paragraph of your page, use the keyword in the Image alt text, use a keyword in h2. It will optimize your page.

Step 2 – Link Building – Daily write one informational content and post into a high authority website. Do not make many links every day. Just 1 link.

Step 3 – Inbound Linking – Must interlink products to each other.

Step 4 – Google Business Listing – List your business in google listing

Step 5 – Google Merchant – Make google merchant account and add your products. Now, link google merchant with google shopping ads. Start your Google shopping ads.

Step 6 – Google Search Ads – Make Google search ads campaign. In ads, use your main keyword which is in the first paragraph of your page. Use this keyword into your ad’s title and description. It will increase Ad quality score. Run google search ads for 1 month, and collect user ids of people who clicked your ad. Use these ids in re-marketing.

Step 7 – Google Display Ads – After search ads, you will get user id’s who clicked on your ad. Now its time to show your display ads to them. Remember, many sales come with re-marketing. Show your display ads on youtube and other websites through Google display ads panel.

Step 8 – Use Amazon Merchant – Make Amazon merchant account and sell your products.

Step 9 – Top Selling Websites – Make seller accounts in Snapdeal, Shopclues, Flipkart and other Top selling websites. Add your products and sell.

Step 10 – Facebook marketing – Daily post one product on the facebook page with a nice description or offer and share in many relevant groups.

Digital marketing services

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