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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Research paper, Assignment, Synopsis, Essay, Dissertation and Thesis work

  1. Assistance – We work/help/assist/write for your research/review/other papers/works. Our fees are flexible according to difficulty level, word counts and pages.
  1. Guarantee – We do not guarantee 100% approval of your research/review/other papers/works.
  1. Regular Updates – You can check regular updates of work in GoogleDocLink (we provide). If you need any correction, you can get it resolved within 24 hours. We request you to correct small changes on your own.
  1. Communication timing : 11am to 7pm (Excluding Sunday and National Holidays)
  1. Blueprint of work – We share the blueprint plan of your work. There are many methods to do a paper. The motive is to find research questions and get answers to research questions. There are many types of tests also. No primary data will be provided by us. We work on your given primary data, or secondary data. We do according to your topic, and state everything in the blueprint. Once you approve the blueprint, it cannot be changed. Please review the same carefully. If there is any issue, feel free to tell us right there.
  1. Correction – You get regular updates, please check the work regularly. Once the work is completed, and you want some corrections in the same four days later, it will be considered a new order. One Revision is allowed after work completion within 4 days. Revision will be done on Saturday.
  1. No Senior Recommendation Allowed – We work according to a blueprint plan. We are here to assist you, and we expect acceptance of our work only from your end, not from your teacher, not from your seniors, not from anyone else. And, we don’t solve corrections/reviews by a journal/guide/supervisor or etc, it will be done at your end only.
    1. Satisfaction Level – Before blueprint approval, You have the right to change title, format, style, tests, research questions, methodology, questionnaires and anything of the paper. And You can check regular updates through GoogleDoc Link till the end of the work. If you want any changes, tell right there within 24 hours. We do everything to provide you 100% satisfaction.

Steps of working

Step 1 – Work Start and Advance Fees.
Step 2 – Blueprint of the work in Google Doc within3-5 days (Approval from you).
Step 3 – Regular Work updates on Google Doc {check by refreshing the doc}.
Step 4 – Work Completion, Plagiarism Report (upto 10%), and Final Submission of work.

If you agree with the terms, then only we will proceed to work.

Last Updated: 01 June 2021


Procedure of Working

    1. We make the blueprint of your review/research/thesis paper. Through it you can assume your final paper delivery. We share a Google Doc link for showing you the blueprint and give you “commenter credential”. You can check, satisfy yourself and also give your valuable suggestions in the blueprint before starting.
    1. We do research for 3-5 days to make a blueprint. We write all crucial points.
    1. You can check Introduction, Literature Reviews, Discussion, Research Questions, Research Objective, Methodology, Data Analysis, Results, Conclusion and References, before starting the paper.
    1. After your approval only, we start writing. You can check regular updates of work through Google Doc Link, and give your suggestions (if needed).
    1. On work completion, we provide you with a plagiarism report (upto 10%) checked by Turnitin.
Terms for General Content/Blogpost/Webpage etc
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