Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Research paper, Assignment, Synopsis, Essay, Dissertation and Thesis work

1. We work/help/assist/write for your research paper, assignment, synopsis, and thesis work.

2. We do not guarantee 100% approval of your paper/ assignment/synopsis/thesis. Our fee is to assist you and work for you. Our prices are flexible according to word counts and pages.

3. We give you daily updates of work. If you need any correction, you can get it resolved within 24 hours.

4. Once the work is finished, and you want some corrections in the same four days later, it will be considered a new order.

5. No refund after work has started.

6. Before we start working on your project, we will share the first page of your work. Please review the same carefully. If you don’t accept the quality, feel free to tell us right there.

7. We will work on your project and wait for your approval from Day 1 until the project’s end. We will proceed towards the next step only when you are satisfied with the current work. If you need any correction in the middle, you can tell us right there. Once the writer completes the order, it will be deemed job done, and no further correction request shall be acceptable.

8. We are here to assist you, and we expect acceptance of our work only from your end, not from your teacher, not from your senior, not from anyone else.

Terms for General Content/Blogpost/Webpage etc

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