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Thesis Proofreading

Make Your Thesis Stand Out – Thesis Proofreading and Editing Services

Hand in your thesis to our professional Thesis proofreader with confidence. We are here to check plagiarism, fix any citation and grammar issues quickly and get back to you with feedback on how we can improve your thesis to help you score higher.

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How Does it Work?

Our experienced thesis editor improves your writing and gives feedback as per the document’s clarity and structure. All our proofreaders and editors have expertise in academic writing. We connect you with the best possible editor available to edit your thesis as per your field of study. Later on, editor’s work is also proofread by a proofreader. You can ask anything and clear your doubt on the way!

Here's what we do to improve your thesis –

Step 1

First of all, we do the assessment which is very important for non-native writers as there must be a lot of flaws in vocabulary and grammar. Our thesis and dissertation editors check the overall quality of work and its language. No conversational terms must be included and it should be 100% academic.

Step 2

We attempt to remove mistakes with Spell Check. We also perform manual check to ensure that no book names, technical terms, author names, or places are wrongly spelt.

Step 3

We have a full licensed version of plag check software to check your thesis for plagiarism. We make all the important corrections and replace all the possible plagiarized contents.

Step 4

Next step is to ensure that all the references are added in proper format and order, including both bibliography and literature review chapter. In addition, our thesis proofreader will check the whole thesis to ensure that citations are well placed and author has adhered to specific style throughout the content.

Step 5

Our thesis editing services also include checking the graphs, figures and tables in proper order. We assess the factors like labelling, accuracy, uniformity, placement, numbering, and in-text numbering.

What do we check in the whole thesis?

After checking plagiarism, we scan the whole thesis step-by-step as follows –


We ensure that proper background of the research topic should be explained in this part. In this section, every part of the whole work must be introduced. For example, if thesis is about “Role of IoT and Cybersecurity in Healthcare Sector”. It means this section should introduce every aspect of IoT, Cybersecurity, and Healthcare industry.

2.Literature Review

The author must have focus on all the recent and previous studies covered in the thesis and ensure that citations are properly mentioned. After literature review, research gap must be figured out to find the objectives and research questions accordingly. Scope and limitations should be explained properly. In addition, we ensure that hypothesis is properly written and clear, when needed.

3.Research Methodology

In this section, we ensure that research design is well planned as per the research objective and research questions. If research design is not correct, we will suggest the ideal research design for the topic. In addition, we check and ensure the right population size, pilot study, questionnaire, etc., when study is conducted through primary data.

4.Data Analysis

After hypothesis testing, we ensure that SPSS tests are well executed. We evaluate the values to find out which hypothesis is rejected and which one should be approved. We ensure that author has answered all the research questions with proper graphs, tables, or evidence, as the case may be.


In this section, we check and ensure that there is no biased opinion as per the hypothesis and research objective. The author must have explained all the findings of the study and mention proper research directions, if any.


Here, we check the proper conclusion of the whole thesis and abstract is also checked whether it is relevant to the whole thesis.


We ensure that all the references are in proper order and formatting as per the given referencing style. We also check if questionnaire is attached as Annexure following the references’ part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can choose the kind of work you need and customize your order. We provide dissertation proofreading, dissertation editing services, thesis proofreading and editing services, referencing, formatting, copywriting, and plagiarism checking. Feel free to call us or chat with us to discuss more in detail.
Yes, all our editors and proofreaders are familiar with all kinds of citation styles like APA, Harvard, Chicago, MLA, Vancouver, and more.
Yes, we would point out any concept, argument, or claims in your essay or dissertation and help you improve the same by citing relevant studies, fixing any ambiguities, or intensifying the arguments.
Yes, all the parts of your thesis or dissertation would be pointed out which should be removed and more authentic work would be added, especially large passages summarized or quoted from third-party sources.
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