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Research Paper Writing Services

Having problems writing research papers? How about professional help to get your research done?

People often have trouble writing research papers on their own. If you want someone to have your back by helping, educating and writing a top quality research paper, you are at the right place.  

Here’s how we can come up as a helping hand…

When do you need our writing services?

Our Content Writing Services


You are at the right place. With us, you can rest assured that you will never have to call for several revisions and wait too long for delivery. Have a quick talk with us and discuss your needs to provide flawless work in one shot.


If you have been writing your Ph. D. papers, you know the stress of research that comes with it along with creating unique and excellent content. At Shri Sharma IT Society, all your stress related to dissertation writing is all ours.


You are in the right place…At a small cost, you can get plagiarism reports from the world’s top plagiarism checker. You need not buy expensive software or take a monthly subscription just for checking 1, 2 papers in a month. You can take our help.


At Shri Sharma IT Society, our essay writing services can come up as a helping hand to finish your upcoming university essay. Our academic writer is well qualified with knowledge in a massive range of grades and subjects.

Save time

You need to spend your energy, time and effort digging for gold in wrong place. You just leave on us, we will not only educate you but also your paper will be done on time. Contact with us to achieve success in your institution.

Different approach

We are known for impressive work and in-depth research. We have a unique approach for each order. We write each paper from the very beginning instead of reusing existing papers.

Team of experienced writers

All you need is a professional writer who can accomplish your task with good writing skills. We are a team of three experienced writers who are capable of meeting all your needs. All your private details are secured with us as we don’t share any information to third parties.


The process of research paper writing services need a lot of important steps. It requires thorough research in which you have to gather all the vital details and choose nothing but relevant and trusted sources before writing a paper. We conduct deep research to come up with the finest quality paper.

Who We Are?

We are the one-stop destination for custom research paper writing services, help and education. As per your instruction, we come up with the finest work of art. We have been the first choice of many people for research papers over the years. Feel free to describe your requirements in details in the order form along with the deadline. Just relax and we will get back to you with your research project.

Plagiarism Removal

With our research paper writing services, we also provide you plagiarism removal. All the papers we complete goes through a strict plagiarism check with a professional plagiarism scanner tool. We send your work only when it passes with plagiarism check.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide research paper writing services in a few easy steps. First of all, you tell us what your requirements are. When you place an order, you can select a writer to research your topic, pick reliable sources, brainstorm and create a draft. Finally, we will start writing, editing and finishing the paper to make it flawless for your final work.
All the research work is handled in house with us. We don’t risk our professionalism. We are fully responsible for our work as we rely only on our expertise. We are native research paper writers with experience in diverse fields. You can rely on us for the best job.
Of course, our writers will check their work for plagiarism. We will scan and review all our papers before sending to you. We ensure that no text is copied from external sources.
Of course, your personal information is kept confidential and safe. So, don’t worry about security. Even we can’t access your payment data. We just communicate with you.
We understand the standards of educational institutions based in the US. We provide different citation styles like Harvard and Chicago, ASA and AMA, APA and MLA, IEEE, CMS etc. to name a few. You just name it, we can get everything done.
All our writers are experts in the academic field. They can write all types of works with their experience, from research writing to dissertation. All the orders are completely checked by the writers before getting it. You can choose the best performers in the process of ordering.
You can discuss all the details when hiring us. Tell us everything about your requirements and needs early on. We can fully understand your needs in this way and provide endless support to communicate whenever you need. We will notify you once the papers are ready so you can review. If they are written exactly according to your needs, you can approve them. If you think we missed something, you may ask us for revisions. Once you approve your paper, you can release the payment get our research paper writing services.

Why should you choose us?

We are reliable

Once we receive any work on our hand, we take responsibility to finish it on time without failing on quality.


We have a high level of experience and training in research writing. We can provide qualified services.

Complete security

We understand the value of your information and data. We write research papers and keep it just between our clients and us. So, you can rest assured that no one will get any insight about service order.

Clarity and simplicity

We are committed to research on even most complex subjects clearly and effortlessly. We are here to make our work as simple as possible to you.

Quality work

We write the paper with due diligence even by having a short deadline. We will check the paper with several services after writing.

We stick to your deadline

If you need research on an urgent basis, we can get you covered.

Need a Research Paper Writing Services? Here we are…

Research expands your knowledge in a specific subject but it is a very big task especially when you have to continue your studies. Every person does not have all the writing skills. It takes a lot of things to consider like format, layout, style, detailed research, structure, and sources. Only an experienced writer can deliver quality work at the time when it is needed the most. They can easily make adjustments when your work is being checked and finish the task as soon as possible.

We are always available for your professional research help. We take only a few minutes to understand your requirements and process your order. You can place an order any time and we will get back to you.

Get 100% Custom Research Papers

We are well versed in writing scholarly articles to convince the readers as per your point of view. We have experienced writers to achieve the same and we can provide different services like editing and add-ons. We write papers with different complexity levels. We take simple to complex topics and we write 100% custom papers from scratch. We strive hard to discuss every task with you. We work tirelessly and responsibly. We are experienced writers with skills in different specialties and fields.

Rest Assured with High Grades

By relying on our research papers, you can rest assured by solving all your problems regarding research work. We give equal preference to our clients and we accompany them from the very beginning. You can choose work of any kind and be rewarded for best results. You can rely on us for various assignments.

Steps to Write Research Paper – A Free Help

You may definitely want to write a research paper of academic level if you are not a writer. It is not easy to write a proper research paper. With these steps, we are going to help you to write an impactful and effective research paper and achieve a good grade.
Of course you know that well but you should understand what your professor or teacher wants before writing your research paper. A lot of people work hard on the paper but still get poor grades. It is mostly because they don’t get the instructions clearly. Take your time with the assignment and figure out what your instructor is talking about. Read the writing assignment, grading rubric, prompts, or other materials carefully. You may also want to highlight and note the assignment. Take your time to figure out exactly what you are going to write.
You should understand what you have to write in the paper. Write about anything you like but you should choose the right topic. A controversial topic may work in several cases. Practice your ability to explain various positions and defend the same as per the assignment. Use instructor’s guidelines to choose the topic of your paper. If you have a favorite topic but you can’t fit the same to your guidelines, look for another topic.

This is what you are looking for. Different people have different ways to research. The key here is to stay focused. But you should still write research papers. You need to scan, look for reliable resources and avoid missing information. There is no need to read everything in full on your topic. Read through things and find out how to determine key arguments and points without reading every word.

When writing a research paper, Wikipedia can be a reliable source. But it cannot be a final source. Use usual sources to know the topic, find keywords and understand a lot of information. You should look for reliable resources for the information you are going to use.

At the end, you shouldn’t overlook information. There are plenty of articles in which you can get the information you need. Try to figure out various schools of thought and viewpoints on the given topic.

After doing research and gathering all the details, you should organize the information. Various people have various choices. It is up to your project. You can use some sort of bibliography to organize your research. If you are asked to write a bibliography, do it to meet the research requirements. Find out how you have to organize the research. You may bookmark your sources on the browser.
Now that you have picked the topic according to assignment and have organized and researched the same, you can now articulate your argument, opinion, or assertion. Your paper requires a thesis even though you are not arguing against or for anything. As an author or researcher, you may put a short statement ahead for the readers as what you are going to prove or explore. When writing a thesis, a starting point might be writing one sentence answers.
The way outline is created may be based on your assignment like bibliography. If you want to turn in an outline, you should make an outline which follows guidelines, examples, or requirements you have. If you don’t have to write it, you should still build your paper. Follow the guides and patterns to create outlines. Think about what you will explain in your paper and what structure lets you to do that while creating an outline. You should have a conclusion and introduction but the contents of the essay decide what will be written in between.

It’s finally the time to start writing. Of course you may want to write sooner but the process you have been through is worth it. These steps will help you form a clear and strong research paper. You can’t be perfect when you write. It’s not all about finding the right words. Craft the right title and use the right grammar. You just have to write right now because you can edit it later. Look at your research before writing but don’t write from your research directly. You can copy ideas without forming your work but it is really worth looking around for resources and paper. Trust your efforts and use your memory while writing. You may want to look up a specific statistic or quote but you should have your own ideas. It will also help you to write original content in one shot and avoid plagiarism.

For those who don’t know, plagiarism is using ideas or words of someone else without giving credits, intentionally or unintentionally. By following the above steps, you can be rest assured that you can write your own paper with your own writing and ideas without the fear of plagiarism. In case you need to write someone else’s quotes, mention the source and cover it with quotation marks.

Now that you have come this far after writing a paper, you need to edit the same before you submit. Make your work as polished as possible. Think about the words, organization, structure and length of the paper. Have you organized the paper carefully? If the paper comes out to be too long, you may cut it short. If it is too short, you can build it up to the right length. Don’t play with margins and fonts to make it look longer and don’t delete any sentence just because the paper seems to be too long. Think and look carefully when editing your paper. If you want to cut something, figure out why you are doing this and whether you need to reorganize the paper. Don’t add words randomly or do things repeatedly in order to make the paper lengthy. Find out the possibility to expand or what to add to match the wordings of the paper. It further adds valuable insight to the paper and develops your ideas to present. After making all the important changes, read it again and ensure that everything makes sense. If you are writing a paper on a computer, you may surely be tempted to delete or leave a sentence, word or paragraph that seems not important to you. You can also give your research paper to your mentor, friend or professor and request them to have a look and tell their opinions.
Don’t forget to check the grammar after you write. There are many resources and tools that are helpful, if you don’t know where to use run-on sentences, semicolons and commas.
After going through all the above steps, you may definitely want to take a break. Take a few days for yourself and give a final read to it. You may print a hard copy of the paper and find formatting mistakes or typos that you may have missed while reading on screen. Read it last time and double check the assignment before submitting.

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